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Is it true that you are arranging an excursion to Islamabad and need to guarantee that your trek is inside your financial plan? All things considered booking your room at a Rest house in Islamabad may end up being sensible. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you need to appreciate an agreeable stay then you can decide on an Islamabad Rest house that gives you the best courtesies and guarantees that your stay is agreeable.

Booking your stay at an Islamabad Rest house that is midway spotted can likewise help in making your stay truly agreeable and loose. The focal area of the Guest house in Islamabad would guarantee that you can set out to any piece of the city helpfully. There are numerous great Pakistan Rest houses that offer great solace to voyagers and that too at sensible costs. Be that as it may, the vast majority of these Pakistan inns are a long way from the principle city which can make it troublesome for the explorers to travel and investigate the city. This is the reason the best Rest house Islamabad would be the particular case that is moderate, agreeable and is halfway placed.

There are numerous great Rest house in Islamabad that are midway placed as well as offer great settlement to the Rests. The boutique lodgings can likewise be considered for your stay as they are moderate and advantageous also. Then again, before you pick the Rest house Islamabad, you have to consider the reason for your visit. In the event that you are on an excursion with your family then an Islamabad Rest house that is implied for families ought to be considered.

Food is something else that you have to consider when you pick your VIP Guest house in Islamabad. It is ideal to pick Rest house Islamabad that has an in house restaurant and serves multi cooking. Thusly you can feast agreeably and according to your taste bud. Rest houses offering concierge administration, free wi-fi office and other such comforts ought to likewise be considered as they can make your stay more agreeable.

So as to get all these offices it is not vital that you spend a great deal of cash. There are great Rest House like Grace Rest House that offer all these offices at sensible costs and guarantee that you have the capacity travel agreeably without going over plan.

During my two years stay in Islamabad, I was lucky to visit a number of these colonial forest rest houses set in dense pine forests deep in the hills. Most of these forest rest houses have a century-old visitors’ book available with the caretaker, which is usually a treat to read.

Interestingly, besides officers of Imperial Forest Service and Indian Civil Service, I found General Muhammad Ayub Khan, C-in-C and President of Pakistan, a frequent visitor to these forest rest houses in the 1950s. Later in the 1990s, both Sharifs and Imran Khan would occasionally turn up in one of these rest houses for a short visit.

There are some serene pieces of history which you should explore on your day trips out of Islamabad. Begin on the road to Lehtrar from Chak Shahzad. As you cross Nilore on your right, the road forks into two at Charah chowk. The left road goes to Patriata bypassing Simli Dam; take the right one to Lehtrar. As you cross river Soan, the road becomes hilly and after crossing a few villages on the way, you reach Lehtrar. Ask anyone and they shall guide you to the Lehtrar Forest Rest House just off the main road.

The rest house comprises two small bedrooms, constructed in late nineteenth century with picturesque valley views. With expanding villages all around, the views have been compromised but still worth a peaceful evening picnic. If you carry on the main Lehtrar road towards Kotli Sattian, another twenty minutes from Lehtrar, take a u-turn to your right on the road to Danoi village. You should reach the Danoi Forest Rest House in about ten minutes.

Over time all of these rest houses would be known as ‘Dak bungalows’ as postal service was considered by the British as the most vital service to be maintained at all times.

Constructed on a levelled piece of clear land surrounded by tall pine trees, the 1928 Danoi rest house is situated in a picture postcard setting. It is also the staging post to four hours trek to ‘Punj Peer’ shrine up in the mountains. There is also a 1908 Narar Forest Rest House near the shrine; however, that is currently occupied by security forces and not accessible being close to Kahuta. Danoi is not only connected to Narar rest house through a proper trek but also to Lehtrar rest house down the hills.

Since we are following forest rest houses, so don’t turn back from Karor and carry on to Patriata. In about another thirty minutes from Karor, you should reach the small town of Ban. Now Ban does mean jungle in Urdu and I have no idea if this is just a coincidence. Again, like almost all other forest rest houses, you shall find yourself driving to the top of a hill from the main road. Ban Forest Rest House was constructed at a cost of Rs 1875/ in 1905 and has around four decent bedrooms with limited supply of water.

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